• It is obvious that for the conservation of installations, the technical discipline needs to play a coordinating role. Go Real Estate has ample experience in this area and gladly offers this expertise. By using an integral approach, a complete overview of maintenance costs can be realized. It can also form a starting point for policy modifications.
  • Within the integral approach, a reliable and complete feedback of expenses to available budgets as well as annual and long term forecasts for financial needs related to the demands made on buildings, can be achieved.
  • Go Real Estate can treat all technical aspects within its own agency. To ensure the integral approach and acquire any additional expertise, Go Real Estate has established collaborations with architectural and specialized agencies.
  • Preparing or executing the establishment of (annual) budgets in accordance with planned activities;
  • (Annual) production of financial overviews of provided contracts and long term forecasts;
  • Monitoring progress of activities;
  • Monitoring expenses within the agreed budget;
  • Advising invoices of executed services;
  • Annual updates of maintenance contracts.

Go Real Estate has adapted the definition from the Dutch society for efficient maintenance (NVDO):

“All services aimed at keeping a building in or returning it to such a state that it fulfills its function as accommodation”.

The importance of maintenance for the safekeeping of activities is strongly underestimated, especially because maintenance costs form a small percentage of the total expense of the accommodation function. A sound maintenance plan is indispensable for good maintenance. This plan needs to match the general policy, with respect to engineering as well as budget. The accommodation of people developing multiple services is becoming more and more dependant of technical facilities and their reliability.

Reliability is determined by the degree of maintenance and the technical life span of installation parts. Also the use of installations is not a fixed data and demands on buildings and installations are constantly changing.

The balance between maintenance or replacement by (technologically) more advanced installation parts needs to be considered constantly.

On top of that, the use of buildings is required to meet legal standards in the area of environmental laws, working conditions, energy problems, active and passive safety, a.s.

Maintenance organization
At our agency, experienced technicians and project managers are available in order to realize maintenance management contracts effectively. We aim to employ one project manager per individual project.

This ensures commitment to the project and reduces information transfer caused by the employment of multiple workers. Problems and questions can be handled directly. A diversity of specialized knowledge is available within the agency. Courses, seminars and fairs are attended regularly.

Keeping up-to-date with current issues in the field is standard practice at Go Real Estate. This enables to deal with more specific problems adequately.

Maintenance services
Primarily, we can offer the following services: