• Go Real Estate management takes care of internal project coordination, provides in periodical contacts with the commissioner and guarantees continuity in the project process.
  • Automation has a high influence on the flow of human activities. An automated system is available for support. Automated services include a.o. progress control, budget control, instruction flow including defects and additional services.
  • We offer remote support in Installation Management Systems as an extra supportive service. This enables proper support of installation and energy management.

During the whole construction process, from initiative to demolition, information is stored in drawings, text and calculations. In this context, up to date information is an important aid for efficient use and management of buildings.

Nowadays the location of cables, contacts, fixed (non movable) structures, partitions, etc. changes regularly. Confusion about these locations can be avoided by storing information in a structural manner.

Therefore, supervising the reliability of revisional drawings and files is of great importance. Inventory lists and machine or master cards need to be updated regularly. A lot of information is already digitally available, like for example CAD-drawings and calculations.

CAD-drawings are build from several layers, each layer having its own function. In order to deal properly with these layers, the parties involved need to make so called layer conventions. In these conventions, parties agree which information will be drawn on which layer. Go Real Estate pays much attention to the set up and update of revisional drawings in such a way that the original structure can be maintained.

Information management services
Primarily, we can offer the following services: Extended design
If pending projects require more extensive design capacity, in such cases a design team is assigned to the project on a temporary basis. This ensures high quality advice and a minimum of work interruption.