• heating and cooling
  • air treatment
  • fire prevention
  • gas, plumbing and sewage
  • internal transport and logistics
  • security (alarm systems, access control; theft prevention)
  • power (strong and weak voltages)
  • control techniques
  • energy generation
  • lighting
  • sustainable building
  • low maintenance design
  • innovative techniques
  • energy saving (EPA-U) and energy management
  • sustainable energy
  • legionella prevention
  • asbestos prevention
  • project management;
  • maintenance management;
  • facility management;
  • interim management;
  • inspection and inventory;
  • long term maintenance, prognosis and forecasts.

Go Real Estate is a young and independent engineering agency. We focus on technical consultancy services, maintenance, energy and project management, inspection and inventory of new construction, renovation and maintenance in utility construction.

Projects have become increasingly complex as a result of integration of new regulations in the area. The involvement of a specialized engineering agency like Go Real Estate has become indispensable for a successful implementation. Examples of updated regulations can be found in European procurement, energy problems, active and passive safety and labor and environmental laws.

An important feature of our approach is our focus on the client. We execute your projects exactly according to agreed terms and conditions.

Go Real Estate has a team of highly skilled engineers and employees with a broad experience. In the context of an integral approach we have excellent collaborations with other engineering and architectural agencies. Freelance workers can be employed as needed.

Go Real Estate also disposes of advanced techniques to consult, design, manage and inspect your projects.

Finally, Go Real Estate is also internationally orientated. In Surinam for example , the company cooperates with governmental ministries in the area of higher education courses, project and maintenance management.

Any user of buildings, who needs assistance in this broad area of work, can contact Go Real Estate.

After filling out the contact form an extensive brochure will be sent to you.