• Research of technical feasibility;
  • Research of economical feasibility;
  • Research of financial feasibility;
  • Recording, query or measurement of data concerning the existing environment. This is necessary for the design, realization and plotting of said data;
  • Consultations with utility companies, public services and third parties;
  • Survey of existing technical literature;
  • Visits to similar objects, consultation with suppliers a.s.;
  • Preparing a program of requirements.
Preliminary design
  • Developing a program of requirements to a preliminary design / design drawings;
  • Participation in coordination discussions with other construction partners;
  • Preparing a charge indication of installation and realization period;
  • Preparing a technical explanation of the preliminary design;
  • Bringing alternatives into the preliminary design;
  • Providing data concerning installations for the application of an environmental permit;
  • Providing other details for the application of an environmental permit;
  • Preparing of utility connection protocols;
  • Consultations with public authorities and third parties;
  • Preparing an indication of running costs;
  • Providing documents for the approval of the result of this phase.
Final design
  • Further necessary consultation concerning the definitive starting point;
  • Development of the preliminary design to final design / drawings;
  • Participation in coordination discussions with other construction partners and external specialists;
  • Estimation of charges for the installation and realization period;
  • Assistance and participation in meetings concerning official procedures;
  • Consultation for the financial preparation;
  • Application of the necessary official permits, including the production of documents;
  • Further consultations with other utility companies and other third parties;
  • Application of technical specifications and costs of equipment and installations;
  • Consultation concerning the manner of procurement;
  • Providing documents for approval of the result of this phase.
Building specifications (Stabu II)
  • Processing modifications in the approved final design;
  • Participation in coordination discussions with other partners;
  • Further necessary consultation concerning the final design to achieve the building specifications;
  • Development of the final design to building specifications;
  • Completion of the final drawings to building specifications, containing sufficient information for pricing by the bidders that can also serve as contract document for the contractor;
  • Preparing a detailed description of the installations for administrative and technical purposes, to serve as contract document (building specifications);
  • Discussion of the concept description of building specifications;
  • Budget preparation;
  • Advising the realization period that must be established in the building specifications;
  • Consultation with the installers if there is a construction team;
  • Modification of building specifications as a result of consultation with the commissioner, other members of the construction team and / or other official authorities;
  • Preparation of coordinating and set up drawings taking into account the work to be executed by other disciplines;
  • Providing documents for approval of the result of this phase.
Procurement and awarding
  • Selection of the bidders, in consultation with the commissioner;
  • Selection of candidates preceding the subscription by means of a public procedure;
  • Preparation of the procurement including publication and preparation of procurement documents;
  • Dispatching procurement documents to the bidders;
  • Give information and directions to bidders and edit a note of information or direction;
  • Holding the actual procurement;
  • Advising the awarding;
  • Preparation of concept contract documents;
  • Consultation with bidders and processing consequent modifications.
Detailing the implementation
  • Participation in coordination discussions with other partners;
  • Supervision of the actual work;
  • Development of building specifications design and production of detailed calculations and detailed drawings;
  • Production of gap drawings;
  • Checking drawings and calculations of third parties;
  • Consultation in order to obtain the required approval of official authorities;
  • Processing modifications due to the commissioner, contractor or official authorities.
  • Representation of the commissioner within the agreed authorization;
  • Attending the construction meeting (frequency to be established at a later time);
  • Instructing (daily) supervision;
  • (Daily) supervision of the execution on the construction site as well as on sites where object parts are produced;
  • Creating and keeping track of planning, detailed time control and work coordination;
  • Having work coordination meetings or similar discussions;
  • Progress control;
  • Budget control;
  • Assessment of deductible quantities and contract variations;
  • Instructing work at the expense of provisional estimates, modifications in building specifications, deductible quantities and contract variations within the authority agreed by the commissioner;
  • Advice concerning term payments;
  • Preparing periodical financial overviews;
  • Keeping the work administration;
  • Inspecting and testing materials and constructions;
  • Checking and testing installations for the completion;
  • Creating a process control log.
  • Assistance with the occupation;
  • Recording of work and check of the required guarantees;
  • Establishing the work to be executed during the maintenance period;
  • Assistance at the completion of the object and transfer to the commissioner;
  • Drafting or checking operating instructions, comprehensive principles and taxation;
  • Making or checking operation and maintenance schedules;
  • Launching, testing and sampling the process;
  • Instruction of operational staff;
  • Settlement of the contract price, provisional estimates, deductible estimates, contract variations, reduction, bonuses a.s.;
  • Drafting revision drawings;
  • Check of revision drawings of third parties.
Maintenance and warranty period
  • Checking the work , once more, at the end of the maintenance period to establish whether the contractor has met his obligations;
  • Advising the final contract price of the work;
  • Supervising the remediation of defects and interference during the warranty period;
  • Advising future maintenance.
After care and miscellaneous
  • Drafting reports and building specifications;
  • Project administration;
  • Services concerning legal matters or arbitration proceedings;
  • Services concerning public participation procedures;
  • Services resulting from the National Building Decree, and the Law on Working Conditions;
  • After sales.

Go Real Estate carries out services in the area of consultancy, maintenance , inspection, inventory and project management involving new construction, renovation and maintenance projects of technical installations in and around buildings and utility construction. Naturally, in these services, the latest Dutch and international regulations are taken into account. The consultancy consists of the following aspects of the contracting process: